Taste the fashion and “freshen” spring and summer —— Raidy Boer Enterprise 2013 Spring & Summer New Products Purchas


       In the shiny August, the city was still intoxicated with final period of the midsummer. Raidy Boer Enterprise already looked forward to the 2013 spring and summer. The 2013 Spring & Summer New Products Purchasing Meeting was held at the Headquarter of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. With the theme of "new leap-forward, new start point and new development", the meeting took along with three brands: Raidy Boer, GHILARO and Ferrante to provide the agents with new products specially designed for 2013 spring and summer.

       During the meeting, a grand carnival was presented at the Headquarter of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. and all agents from every corner of the country got together to experience the fashionable atmosphere carefully organized by Raidy Boer Enterprise. On the purchasing meeting, the hall on Floor 1 of the Headquarter of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. was separated into three zones for exhibiting three brands. Raidy Boer Exhibition Zone was full of the breath of an active city, GHILARO Exhibition Zone presented a mysterious and magic ocean world, and Ferrante Exhibition Zone was filled with horseball design of the mediaeval style. Detailed and careful arrangement of each zone gave full prominence to design souls of 2013 S/S new products of three brands, so that numerous agents could be attracted by the highlight of each brand and understood the fashion trend of the new season.

      With Freeport, Sardinia, Siena and Tuscany, Raidy Boer Exhibition Zone looked like a journey to Italy. Inspired by four Italian tourist attractions, Raidy Boer 2013 Spring & Summer New Products Purchasing Meeting embedded four places into new products. In Freeport, a perfect refuge in harbor, a white sail against the blue sea surface and red flashing buoys created a dreamy world, highlighting seaside leisure holiday style garment with dominant tone of red, white and blue; Sardinia, embraced by clear seawater, introduced a crystal blue to the inspiration of the designer. Various deep or light blue colors were mixed together, making wearers feel like diving and swimming underwater freely; In Siena, an ancient town, with a russet brown house full of years' charm, various grillworks were developed; an organic natural trend specially created for enchanting Tuscany brought a sunny atmosphere of the green times and made you ecstatic.


      With the theme of "Ocean Story", GHILARO Exhibition Zone was a mysterious and colorful ocean world with coral, tropical fish, seaweed and rock. Several "divers" wearing GHILARO 2013 S/S new products attracted many agents. Taking photos with the "divers" was required by all agents.



        Famous for knitting technology, Ferrante 2013 S/S new products covered three series of city, yacht club and horseball, which were respectively matched with three well-designed badges, to show royal disposition of Ferrante family in details. The site was simply decorated with pure white, which gave prominence to artful application of fruit colors by the designers. Moreover, breakthrough achieved in clothing materials and splicing of various different materials demonstrated the technology of Ferrante.
      Raidy Boer Enterprise 2013 Spring &Summer New Products Purchasing Meeting attracted many agents from various corners of the country, who had a high opinion of the meeting and highly praised that Raidy Boer Enterprise's design gave pleasant surprise every season. Moreover, the Enterprise had finished shareholding reform and become a "new" Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd., indicating that Raidy Boer Enterprise was standing at a new start point and dedicated to lead fashion trend based on international quality and realize new leap-forward and development.

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