Raidy Boer won: “Potential Award” of Jack • the 8th China National Garment Association Award


       On the night of March 25, 2012, the "Jack • the 8th China National Garment Association Award" ceremony was held in Beijing 21st Century Theater. At the award ceremony, 9 awards for the style, innovation, potential, quality, planning, marketing, public, value and achievement and special awards for the promotion, support, apparel, manufacturing, business, etc. were announced.
       Adhering to the judging principle of "equity, fairness and openness" and according to three sets of data concerning the "business coverage statistics", "consumer survey" and "industrial expert inquiry", the "Jack • the 8th China National Garment Association Award" proposed the nomination review list of the "Award". Upon the discussion by the nomination review team composed of authoritative experts, nominated brands for various awards were proposed. As for the "Award" of this year, more than 2700 brands were involved, 27 of which successfully won the nomination awards in the end. These brands not only reflected the trend of consumer market, but also indicated the overall development strength of leading brands in Chinese garment industry. The review system of CNGA Award always focuses on the principle of market test and strictly complies with the objective laws of market change to provide a platform to "perform" and to "be commended" for those garment brands that are increasingly making self-perfection and breakthroughs, and at the same time, to explore those emerging and potential brands to encourage them to make rapid progress in the development course of Chinese garment brand.


      Raidy Boer, an internationally-cooperative flagship brand of Raidy Boer Enterprise, won the "Potential Award of CNGA Award" with its "high-end, delicate, aggressive and elegant" brand image. At the site, entrepreneurs, social celebrities, stars from the fashion and entertainment industries, news media, audiences and people from all walks of life jointly witnessed such a brilliant moment in the Chinese garment industry!
      As for the award setting, the essence of previous 7 "Award" ceremonies was inherited and at the same time, the mission for future change of the "Award" was shouldered. Therefore, the "adjustment and innovation" were highlighted throughout the promotion, review and other links, to seek for the optimization subtly. It was known that, different from previous "Award" ceremonies, this "Award" ceremony initially proposed the concept of "Annual Brand", namely, all winning brands of CNGA Award were collectively called the "Annual Brand", so as to modify the publicity and promotion system based on this concept and make it easier and simpler to publicize and promote the "Award". In addition, by virtue of the win-win cooperation with famous social media, great efforts were made to the "Oscar" of the garment industry and the highly-concerned "Annual Brand". Raidy Boer, as a menswear brand leading the intentional trend, topped the "Annual Brand" list with the core advantage of absorbing and integrating the most leading international fashion information and the industrial resources, and was worthy of the strength model that "won a high reputation by practical development".
      The "Potential Award of CNGA Award" was rewarded to Raidy Boer, which was a praise and honor for the brand with real achievement. The "potential" represented the "infinite possibility" and Raidy Boer proved its extensive development space in the future to the market and the public with its three-dimensional integration of high-end international quality and high-quality industrial resources in the past years.
      Since its foundation in 2000, Raidy Boer has set a very clear brand orientation, namely, to provide the true international quality for global elegant gentlemen in pursuit of high-quality life such as politic elites and business startups, and to continuously inject the introduced and integrated international resources to the brand gene. Up to now, Raidy Boer has formed the "high-quality, tasteful, delicate" Italian elegant product style and constantly created operation miracles in the garment industry. Since 2006, by virtue of its high-end international menswear image and powerful overseas resources strength, the brand has participated in the world-class menswear show "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" held in Florence, Italy to compete with Armani, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore ferragamo, Brooks Brother, Kiton, Cerruti 1881 and other first-line international brands on the same stage, thus becoming a high-quality menswear brand favored by global agents and professional buyers. In the overseas market, the brand has obtained the registered license and realized the terminal sales in more than 30 countries and regions successively, such as China, Italy, America, Germany, France, etc. In the Chinese market, Raidy Boer, taking the southwestern region as the core foothold, has established a nationwide marketing network. It can be concluded that Raidy Boer is a rare international brand in the menswear field that can stably occupy Chinese market and explore a wide development space in the overseas market.
       Both the integration of strong overseas terminal sale and quality resources and the geometrical rapid expansion of domestic stores pave a path for the future "internationalized" development strategy. If Raidy Boer accumulated its own hard strength by increasingly upgrading the R & D design, product quality, etc. in the first decades, then Raidy Boer has stepped into a golden period when it improves the "soft strength" by increasingly "building and managing the brand" at present and even in the next decades. This year, given the context that the global economic development was slowing down, the brand input a great deal of manpower, material resources and finances to participate in CHIC2012 to fully exploit Asian emerging markets represented by the Chinese market. In the future, Raidy Boer will balance the blank area in the southern and northern markets in China: it will reinforce the bases established in the southwest, South China and East China on the one hand and expand its presence in the northern region on the other hand. In the Asian area, Raidy Boer will, depending on the development in Chinese market and the previous strength accumulation, carry out a large-scale expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other potential markets. It was reported that Raidy Boer not only intended to expand its business, but also took initiatives in the brand building, public relations and publicity. At the beginning of 2011, Raidy Boer established a strategic partnership with "KETCHUM", a global top 10 public relations company. From then on, "KETCHUM" began to assist the company and the brand in carrying out the market survey, corporate cultural construction, brand strategy establishing, brand public relations and promotion, and other series of strategic brand upgrading campaigns, thus greatly improving the brand reputation and popularity in the international market. In the future, such a strategic public relations & consultation cooperation for the internationalized brand building will become a common development mode for Raidy Boer, so as to further promote and upgrade the brand in the menswear field and make the brand more perfect and internationally famous!
       By "proudly advancing and leading fashion trend", Raidy Boer creates miracles by quality and taste. In the Chinese garment field, more talented brands like Raidy Boer are needed. "Winning a high reputation by practical development", Raidy Boer always persists in creating the incomparable fashion image for global male elites with the most genuine international quality experience and unique brand charm!

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