Insight into Raidy Boer’s Trip of International Fashion from “PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO”



       When the whole world is indulged in the passion and craziness of "European Cup", June 2012 is destined to contain its unusual magic. Some people use "Fairy Tales" to fable the Danish football stories, while others use "the Principles of Economics" and "European Debt Crisis" to infer the Spanish and German football tactics; however, most people use "Art and Fashion" to evaluate the Italian football — when the photo (a row of stylish men wearing three-piece formal suits solely sponsored by Dolce&Gabbana appeared in the airport) is insanely reprinted on the Internet, the whole world has been stunned by the Italian football team – are they really to play football? Undoubtedly, Italians enjoy exceptional advantages: on the one hand, their football players are always handsome, comparable to supermodels, on the other hand, that's right! It is Italy, the world fashion city in its full sense, and first well-known international brands are assembled here. Italians, ranging from stars, soccer stars, celebrities to tycoons and politicians, have many choices. This year, they may wear Dolce&Gabbana, and next year, they may wear Giorgio Armani, Kiton, Versace, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, etc. Never worry about their garments, Italian football team (about which female fans around the world are crazy) characterized by "football skill" + "model figure" + "fashion style" has explained everything to you.



      Nevertheless, what the author wants to expound here is not the European Cup already popular worldwide, but Italy, which reminds you constantly of "art", "fashion" and "model clothes" --- at that moment, Italian stylish football players insanely loved by fans worldwide staged a splendid fashion show for Dolce&Gabbana brand; at this moment, in its own courtyard, still in June 2012, PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO, the top menswear exhibition around the world was put on the stage vigorously in Florence, the so-called "City of Literature and Arts". It always seems coincident, but in fact, it is the "Fashion Destiny" difficult for Italy to get rid; if not the DreamWorks of "world fashion arts", how it is possible to create such a batch of stylish men easily?



         Speaking of Italy, it is difficult to evade its internationally renowned luxury fashion culture; when it comes to the latest fashion, it has to mention the holy position of PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO in Italian and even international fashion field, Armani, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore ferragamo, Brooks Brother, kiton, Cerruti 1881… just a glance of luxury collections of these exhibition brands has already discouraged many small brands. Yet, in this top-ranking industry exhibition, we always find the busy figures of oriental people, the have their own pavilion, bright and generous, they are here to show their own dresses, exquisite and elegant; they have their own teams, from Italy, China and Japan; they love fashion, firm and persistent, and this has been the seventh year for them to go forward hand in hand with PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO, it is Raidy Boer, the multi-brand fashion operator with international operation and global market! If "World Fashion City" is the obsessional destiny of Italy, then to create "International Quality, Pilot Fashion" is the lifelong mission of Raidy Boer, the international brand operator from China.


       What makes an enterprise take great pains to do one thing well repeatedly for seven years? It is the persistent dream of being an "international brand operator"! Dolce&Gabbana has always been the officially designated sponsor of Italy National Football Team, Giorgio Armani has ever created "phantom of green shade" for England Team, Hugo Boss has ever designed ball uniforms for Australia Team to compete in the World Cup……even though genuine international brands have been shared by people all over the world, instead of concern about and distinction from their origins, the real Chinese world-class fashion brands have failed to appear, and this is what Raidy Boer has kept doing; some people say, what makes hamburger repeatedly is "McDonald's", what makes coffee repeatedly is "Starbucks", and Raidy Boer may, constantly improving its "international quality resources" repeatedly, become probably China's LVMH Group some day!



       In traditional Chinese culture, "clothing, food, shelter and travel", "clothing" comes the first, and "clothing and food" has deviated from the primary original concepts long ago. As the large global textile export country every year, faced with gradually weakened economic situations in Eurozone countries, we shall take advantages of this opportunity to plant the flags of Chinese enterprises in more global blank markets. As the first Chinese enterprise in "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" in Asian region, Raidy Boer takes the lead to always walk in the frontier of the industry, dissatisfied with overseas market layout in over 30 countries worldwide, and not content in the comprehensive development of over 600 stores in China; besides China, Italy and Japan, it will establish the fashion R&D centers in more areas around the world; it not only has the international well-known designers, trump R&D teams and global high-quality supplier resources, but creates real "International Quality", to make its brands enjoy global reputation. Just like this arrival at PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO, they still resembles modest learners to actively and sincerely communicate with the whole world, regardless of the fact that it has been the seventh time to participate in the exhibition successively, its enterprise and brands are acquainted with everything here and enjoy abundant connections and resources. This season, its brand, Raidy Boer has brought four distinct and exotic city themes, including "Porto Cervo, SARDINIA, SIENA, TUSCAN", in which there are too many scenes, stories and fashion inspirations to explore and ponder, shining the passion and vitality of the entire pavilion instantly; with its unique young Italian elegance, GHILARO, another brand, has buried the brilliant rays of other brands. That's why Raidy Boer persistently chooses PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO and Italy, as Italy is more like an ancient book of historical origin, any page of which is worth studying for a long time, and after stroll into any city, you will find yourself full of inspiration. For Raidy Boer, a young growing enterprise in urgent need of much nutrition and inspiration, Italy is undoubtedly the "place of pilgrim" to burst out its shine and fulfill its dream.


       "Going global, Bringing in" will be the strategic thinking for Raidy Boer to continuously fledge itself now and in the future. This time, when the Raidy Boer brand, upholding the beautiful vision of "International Quality, Pilot Fashion", steps on the stage of "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" again with CHIC 2012 Brand "Potential Award", a small giant of the most potential "international brand operator" continues infinite possibilities for its future!

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