Raidy Boer present at “PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO” again, attracting the Ambassador of China in Italy to visit

Raidy Boer PITTI Pavilion


       Every January marks not only the beginning of a new year, but the centralized convening of authoritative fashion shows across the world, taking the lead to pilot the vogue trends. As the global fashion center, Italy also ushered in the 83rd "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO", which still attracted numerous international premium menswear brands to compete with each other, and this year Raidy Boer, as the only Chinese enterprise praised as the honored guest of PITTI UOMO since 2006, continued making a stage pose with its proprietary brand Raidy Boer and GHILARO, and even attracted Ding Wei, the Ambassador of China in Italy to visit the Pavilion, showing again the international charm of Chinese menswear, and well received by the PITTI UOMO and counterparts.


Ms. Sibilla, Head of PITTI Organizing Committee, is introducing to Ding Wei, Ambassador of China in Italy

      In January, Apennine Peninsula blew cold wind gently, just like the actual economic conditions in Europe. However, the fashion show in Florence seemed not to be affected. This PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO was still gathered by numerous global top-notch menswear brands, and the extraordinary popularity at the exhibition site also brought a trace of warmth to Europe in winter. This year, PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO Organizing Committee sincerely invited Mr. Ding Wei, the Ambassador of China in Italy to visit, which indicated the world needs China and Italian fashion world attached great importance to Chinese menswear in global economy stereo and downturn nowadays. Ms. Sibilla Delle Gherardesca, Head of Public Relations Department of PITTI Organizing Committee, introduced to Mr. Ding Wei the PITTI history and development status in detail, and accompanied him to visit the key pavilions.


Mr. Ding Wei is inquiring about Raidy Boer

      In Raidy Boer's Pavilion, Mr. Ding Wei carefully asked questions, and Mr. Lu Shan, Vice President of Raidy Boer then answered in detail ranging from the brand development journey, product design style, cooperative work of Chinese and Italian teams, global supply chain integration to the brand layout on markets at home and abroad, etc. After visiting the brand pavilion of Raidy Boer, Mr. Ding Wei highly praised the international fashion enterprise dominated by Chinese, and said that Chinese fashion industry was mainly of manufacturing in the past, but now he was very delighted and proud to see Chinese brand could show itself on the top international platform and accord with international fashion in such a close way. Mr. Ding Wei repeatedly told Head of Raidy Boer to adhere to the international road, fully integrate the Chinese and Italian superior advantages, and strive to be the model of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. Ms. Yang Yanyan, Director of Political Division from Embassy of China in Italy accompanied Mr. Ding Wei in the whole visit process.


Mr. Ding Wei is talking with Head of Raidy Boer


      After the PITTI UOMO, Mr. Ding Wei attended the welcome banquet held in famous Villa Cora in Florence that night. Celebrities in Italian fashion world, local Chinese and overseas Chinese communicated with representatives of Raidy Boer regarding the trifle events in a relaxed and elegant environment. Italian fashion world showed great enthusiasm and expectation to Raidy Boer, the only Chinese enterprise, making the Raidy Boer team full of confidence toward the future; they were determined to bring more surprises to the world menswear fashion with continued efforts.

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