Raidy Boer 2012 Fall & Winter Leather Products Release

Raidy Boer 2012 Fall & Winter Leather Products Release
——"Winter Variations" of Leather-Fabric Combination

      "Fashion is transient, while style is everlasting"—when people immersed themselves in colorful passion of the first month of summer, and had no idea how to choose from incalculable fashionable clothing, Raidy Boer presented you its classic leather series, which explicitly interpreted its 2012 Fall & Winter Collection.
     The 2012 Fall & Winter leather products of Raidy Boer still focused on the "double fairy tales of practicability and perfection", and exclusively further extended the two vivid themes of 2012 Spring & Summer Collection, which showed the great dazzling splendor of the "Black Business Diamond Series" (formal business clothing) inspired by the urban humanities of Rome and Venice and the "Fashionable Platinum Series" (casual and fashionable clothing) inspired by the city flavors of Capri and Portofino. Moreover, what was worth expecting was the more exquisite manufacturing technology and higher quality raw materials engaged, which presented a visual feast to people indulged in fashion and dressing art regarding its leather manufacturing process: fine rare animal leather, natural handcraft, and incomparable unique design… Each work displayed stilly on mahogany furniture showed the unique brilliance and charm of the brand.
     Raidy Boer regards the leather products not a dispensable accessory but the cornerstone symbolizing the brand quality and taste, because the brand believes that shoes, ties, handbags and other small accessories centrally show the brand essence. Fine and valuable leather products can enhance notability from inside to outside and bring luxurious enjoyment to wearers. At the same time, the matching concept of consistency also shows the further smooth and complete expression of the product design theme of each season by the brand designer. The leather shoes, handbags and other accessories for each group of fashion clothes continuously exert the core elements of the theme series, to relieve customers from visual disjunction effect during the matching and selection, and enhance the harmonious and uniform completeness beauty.
      As for R&D of the 2012 Fall & Winter new products, Raidy Boer paid more attention to careful selection of fabrics while deeply applying the brand-new design concept of Italian designer Ettore Veronese. With higher-grade fabrics and richer color changes than Spring & Summer Collection, the Fall & Winter new products had better matching effect with clothes in color and style. Wide employment of calfskin, suede and special leathers, like crocodile skin, ostrich skin, buck skin, etc. enhanced luxurious atmosphere of products and created classics. The fabrics innovation of this season was noteworthy, because of a brand-new Italian popular process——"brush leather process", namely, the first-class calf skin was used as the raw material, on which a coat of state-of-art technical raw materials was applied to enhance the anti-discoloration and waterproof performance and then a coat of color was manually applied to make the leather more color layered and impossible to discolor and scale, thus promoting the quality and charm of the products, and restoring ventage fashions. The "brush leather process" was exclusively presented in the Fall & Winter products based on 2012 Spring & Summer Collection by Raidy Boer, which imposed higher technical requirements for the domestic suppliers. Only when such delicate fabrics are combined with the most advanced processing and manufacturing technologies at home and abroad, could the unique "brush leather art" be created. Every product made in such way enables customers to feel fine, comfortable, fashionable and beautiful, genuinely interpreting the "internally and externally enjoyable" quality.
      As for the manufacturing process, shoe lasts for Raidy Boer 2012 Fall & Winter Collection were exclusively selected after several standard tests and the shoe lasts imported from Italy were accurately adjusted and modified in combination with the foot shape of easterners, so that the wearers could feel comfortable. In addition to the independent R & D for shoe lasts, Raidy Boer input greater efforts in R & D of the shoe sole. For instance, TPU and injection molding was combined in the outsole of this season. The processing method of this outsole was a breakthrough for the traditional formed sole sticking process. The shoe last molding was used to directly cast and shape the TPU piece and shoe last vamp with the well-mixed rubber under a high temperature once. Therefore, the internationally-leading superhigh requirements and standards were observed regarding the materials, technologies and cost investment and the finished shoes were free from any hidden quality problems in the debonding and other detailed aspects. The shoe soles were thick and soft and were so light that the wearers felt like "freely walking on the egg shell".
      However, for more "picky" elite gentlemen, the feeling of "freely walking on the egg shell" is not sufficient to meet their precise pursuit for excellent quality. The "hand-made leather shoes" released in Raidy Boer 2012 Fall & Winter Collection are the only choice for the "best dressing". The shoes "favored at the first sight" by gentlemen are made through 7 strict "refined and careful" procedures. Especially, the exquisite appliance of classic "Goodyear Welted Edge" sewing technology reflects the process essence of hand-made shoes: the vamp, inner sole and outer sole are connected to effectively support the entire shoe structure, prevent the shoes from deforming after a long time, increase the firm bonding between the vamp and sole and strengthen the repairability of worn soles as well. In addition, as for shoes made by the edge sewing process, almost all soles could be directly replaced, which could be called the maximum highlight of "Goodyear Welted Edge".
     In 2012 Fall and Winter, if you were wondering how to match your molleton coat, you would definitely get the "perfect" answer by selecting Raidy Boer 2012 Fall & Winter leather products!

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