Summary on Visit of China Young Clothing Entrepreneurs to Israel and Turkey

On September 11-17, 2012, led by Wang Zhuo, Secretary General of China National Garment Association (CNGA), China Young Clothing Entrepreneurs Salon Delegation visited Israel and Turkey, called on the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute and TGSD respectively, visited some of local clothing enterprises, and investigated the garment market in Tel Aviv, Istanbul and other cities in the two countries.

This visit to the Israel's clothing industry was the first organized visit by China's clothing industry. Members of China Young Clothing Entrepreneurs Salon Delegation first met FOX Group, the largest brand owner locally, which is mainly engaged in production and sales of all FOX garments, home textiles, cosmetics, and also agent sales of some international brands in Israel. Wiesel, CEO of FOX Group made a detailed introduction of FOX Group, and highlighted his strong desire to cooperate with Chinese brand owners for FOX brand agent in Chinese market or Chinese brand agent into Israel market, etc. After the meeting, led by Mr. Vered, Business Manager of FOX Group, the Delegation visited production, store management, logistics and other processes in FOX Group. Michal Negrin is a jewelry design brand famous for its manual operation of all accessories. Accompanied by Ms. Ayala, International Business Development Manager, the Delegation carefully observed the working process of accessories and visited the showroom below the office of the Group.

The negotiation with TGSD lasted for two hours, with 6 participants from TGSD, including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and brand manufacturer representatives. After introduction of industry and enterprise details by the two associations and entrepreneurs from both parties, Mr. Cem, Chairman of TGSD first raised the question of long-term cooperation with CNGA, and Mr. Hadi, Vice Chairman of TGSD, then expounded the fact that it would be bound to bring new changes to the international garment pattern given China and Turkey could achieve win-win cooperation. Wang Zhuo discussed such issues with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of TGSD, and made in-depth negotiation regarding the availability of their exhibitions, fairs and other resource platforms to facilitate the exchange & development of their member units with mutual benefits. Wang Zhuo proposed that TGSD might organize its member enterprises to attend CHIC in the form of "Turkey National Pavilion", and Mr. Hadi said he would appoint Ms. Ozer, Overseas Specialist, to follow up this issue, and also invited CNGA member enterprises to visit "Turkey Garment Fair" held by TGSD every May. After the negotiation, TGSD member enterprises went to their check-in hotel to make further exchange with entrepreneurs from the Delegation.

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