Liu Changming, Model of Chengdu (NEW TIDE)


       The success of Liu Changming is hard to reproduce. He has never stopped his passion for fashion and pursuit of career for 12 years. In 2002, he built Raidy Boer into a menswear brand enjoying certain popularity in Guangzhou, the then Fashion Center in China. Thereafter, with his talent for fashion and informed decisions, Liu Changming introduced Raidy Boer to Pitti Uomo, making it the only clothing brand from Asia at the Fashion Show and establishing its international prestige successfully. At present, Raidy Boer is available in 33 countries on a global scale. There is no doubt that Liu Changming, together with his international team, has built a brilliant today and is about to create a bright future of menswear brand of China.

A Chinese Menswear Brand Built by An International Team


Liu Changming: Chairman of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd.


  For people familiar with the fashion circles, it is well known that Pitti Uomo, a fashion event of men's clothing in Italy, is always a great party of Armani, HUGOBOSS, Zegna and other internationally well-known menswear brands. And all mediocre design and imitations without their own features will be declined; therefore, it is rarely to see any Asian brand at the Fashion Show. However, such history has been totally rewritten by Liu Changming and his Raidy Boer.

  Competing with internationally well-known brands, Liu Changming has a lot of confidence and seems to have a well-thought-out plan beforehand. Since making his debut in the menswear circles, Mr. Liu has given 100% effort just because of passion for fashion from the heart. He is really the fortune's favorite, encountering no major setbacks and stepping towards his goals by virtue of his diligence and sensitivity to fashion. After the Show, Raidy Boer saw sharp rise in international orders. It is obvious that Liu Changming with his Raidy Boer was the most promising dark horse of that year, winning a place for Chinese menswear in the international market.

  More importantly, Liu Changming has been the agent of Ferrante, a big brand of Italy, since 2009. In addition to building Raidy Boer into a top brand of menswear in China, Mr. Liu is also devoted to becoming an operator of multiple international brands. Every time, Mr. Liu doing something significant will undoubtedly become a topic for conversation, creative attempts and steady progress tending to greatly promote his personal charisma.

  It's worth mentioning that the international team established by Liu Changming includes ETTORE VERONESE, a leading designer from Italy who once worked with CERRUTI 1881 TESSUTI, GUABELLO TESSUTI, LANCETTI COUTURE, COMPAGNIA DELLE INDIE and other internationally well-known brands; GIANLUCA BOLLANI, a visual merchandiser who was once engaged in the management of Armani, Prada, Balenciaga, COMME des GARCON, MIYAKE, etc., has coordinated PITTI UOMO from 1995 till now and Milan Fashion Show from 2008 till now; and PAOLO PONTI, a prop designer who was once the image designer of Louis Vuitton and worked with brands all over the world. The kingdom of menswear built by Liu Changming is not just an industrial park covering 146Mu (1Mu≈666.7m2), and it always gives people a feeling of being in a foreign enterprise. Members of Raidy Boer include those from Taiwan, Italy and Japan as well as overseas students from all over the world. With great effort of such an international team, Raidy Boer becomes the only menswear exported with its own brand, every time when it comes to which, Liu Changming expresses pride not only in words but also on the face. "Those who have followed me since I started my business now are promoted to senior executives of Raidy Boer and more than 60% of them aged 35.5 on average have been working with me for 6-8 years," said Liu Changming, who regards employees as the greatest wealth and believes that people-oriented is not just a slogan but to be implemented.

  Liu Changming goes to Europe two to three times per year for the show and exhibition of Fashion Week. Sitting in the front row of a show field, which is quite extraordinary to ordinary beings, has been a routine to Liu Changming, for whom, work and life are inseparable. Enjoying the pleasure and living in the moment is his life maxim; and shopping and food are his favorites. Liu Changming has been used to travelling in various fashion cities, such as France and Italy, together with the dealers, wandering in Avenue de Champs-Elysees and drinking a cup of coffee in a street coffee shop in Milan while chatting with people there to experience local cultures, through which he could listen to his inner voice and learn about the fashion trend in the world personally. "In such a big world, the so-called success never has an end and the most important thing is that we have tried and that's enough", said Liu Changming.


Interview with Liu Changming by NEW TIDE ( Q by NEW TIDE and A by Liu Changming)

Q: How do you think about the menswear industry in China at present?
A: The products in China are - how shall I put it - sharing too much similarity for they are made under the same research & development ideas.
Q: How does Raidy Boer deal with it?
A: In addition to our international team and design, Raidy Boer is available in 33 countries on a global world. Therefore, we get feedback and collect suggestions from the world, incorporating various elements.
Q: For you, what is fashion?
A: I believe that fashion is everywhere, your dressing and your life style. Dressing properly is a way to show respect to all people around you. For example, in an elegant environment, if you fail to be properly dressed, not only the comfortable atmosphere will be spoiled, but also others' mood will be affected.
Q: So you can always learn something new from each trip to Europe?
A: Yeah. In Europe, you will see that some elegant old ladies guide you how to dress up with great skills and considerate service, making you feel comfortable. While in China, most shopping guide staffs are very young and restrictions are imposed on their age. For me, this should be changed. Some shopping guide staffs are afraid that they might be dismissed when getting old. Therefore, we make some policies to provide chances for them for promotion, offering more motivation for their growth and improvement.
Q: Do you feel great pressure sometimes?
A: Challenges present themselves everyday and I'm used to it. While in Guangzhou, I was a holder of a gold card of China Mobile, while now I'm just a VIP client, which means that troubles at work are not an issue to me today because each division functions effectively and orderly. For me, the most important thing is to hold an optimistic attitude towards life and keep happy everyday.
Q: Do you have a specific target?
A: For enterprise development, a target is essential. However, personally speaking, whether something is worthy to be done is not up to the benefits it could bring about. We should try to do everything well, including every piece of clothes, with concentrated attention. And one should never forget his original dream.


Written by Liao Lin
Photographed by Hong Liang
Styled by Du Qian (Chengdu Yinli Dressing & Photography Training School)


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