Raidy Boer Joins Hands with Palermo (Italy) to March into City Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale

Integration of "Chinese" and "Italian" Art And Fashion for Reactivation and Rebirth of Ancient City

—— Raidy Boer Joins Hands with Palermo (Italy) to March into City Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale

Shanghai, October 10, 2012 — In October, the early-autumn Shanghai is full of artistic atmosphere. Today, Chinese and Italian Art Exchange and Raidy Boer-Sponsored 9th Shanghai Biennale Palermo City Pavilion Press Conference is held in the City Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale. In an earlier time, ever since the signing ceremony of Raidy Boer and Palermo City Pavilion held in Chengdu, the City Pavilion integrating art cultures of Chengdu (China) and Palermo (Italy) sister cities has been successfully opened in our expectation.



Since its birth in 1996, Shanghai Biennale has gone through 16 years, and City Pavilion initiative is a big innovation in the 9th Biennale, inviting the cultural sectors and galleries from international important art cities to make self-planning. The city planning jointly interprets the open approach and indigenous connotation of modern art. Hundreds of artists from thirty cities worldwide have shown their artistic creations of pluralistic integration in the world cultural contexts in Shanghai MOCA and Rockbund, etc.



Fashion and art, reactivation and rebirth of the ancient city

The theme of this Raidy Boer sponsored Palermo City Pavilion is "Fashion, Rebirth of the City". The most eye-catching artwork in the Pavilion is the colorful silkworm cocoon in its middle, which implied beautiful transformation and cocoon-breaking rebirth; this concept tactfully corresponds with "Re-generation of Power", the academic subject of this Biennale, and meantime, signifies Raidy Boer breaks rules for the sake of fashion and art, to pursue the deeper transformation and sublimation. In all ages, silkworm cocoon has been indispensable important raw materials and design inspiration sources of clothing, and its delicate and comfortable features have been fully embodied in Raidy Boer's products. Further, colorful silkworm cocoon has highlighted Raidy Boer's seizure of different inspirations to fashion and art in the design process, particularly its keen capture to color. Raidy Boer integrates the styles of the Italian city into each design philosophy, and meanwhile, this art concept integrating vogue atmosphere and utility value provides the Palermo City Pavilion with new vitality, enabling us to re-understand this ancient Italian city.

In the Pavilion, the fashion photos are played to show the Raidy Boer's design team and models went to Palermo for inspiration, taking the audience to real scenes of ancient Palermo city, to appreciate realistically the perfect harmony of fashion and art.



Sister Cities' art blended to build "Chinese" and "Italian" cultural ties

Compared with countries, cities are the carrier to connect one man with another, and people will encounter meeting of minds, dialogue-based exchange and even harmonious symbiosis in the cities. Chengdu and Palermo are two cities in Asia and Europe separately, but the geographical distance fails to obstruct their predestined relationship to be sister city. In spite of different looks, they are characterized by long history, leisure lifestyle and strong artistic atmosphere, and the quality of life of local residents shares many things in common; they are connected and became sister city in 1999, their temperament is of increasingly mutual intelligibility, helping each other forward in culture, art and even fashion trends. Up to now, their strong friendship for dozens of years has revealed to the world by Shanghai Biennale and Raidy Boer.

As the business representative of Chengdu City, Raidy Boer's fashion concepts and product design are originated from Italy, the theme and style design of their products each season takes Italian typical urban culture as the background, capture the inspiration in the city life of all ages. In spring and summer 2013, Raidy Boer has demonstrated fashion clothes with artistic sense and city features by Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Siena and Tuscany.

In the visit to pavilions, Mr. Davide Quadrio from Italy, the program leader of City Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale, highly praises the product design of Raidy Boer Enterprise: Raidy Boer's garments have precisely grasped the cultural essence of Italian cities, really memorable, and its perfect harmony with Palermo's urban cultural connotation is a harmonious blending and wonderful interpretation. Mr. Liu Changming, President of Raidy Boer Enterprise also expressed at this Press Conference the original intention of this cooperation: "Italy may, so to speak, be the soul of Raidy Boer's design, each of its cities is of such great charm, and Palermo's art culture is highly praised, hoping this integration of Palermo's art with Raidy Boer's fashion design will build the ties of cultural arts between the two countries, and bring the global-synchronized clothing experience to Chinese consumers."


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About Shanghai Biennale:

Since its birth in 1996, Shanghai Biennale has, after 16-year experience, not only become an art show of the most widespread international influence in China, but been extensively recognized by international art circles, generally accepted as one of the most important international biennales in Asia. Academically, it reveals to the world the latest achievement in modern art, and also builds a platform of communication between modern art and the public.

The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012 centers on the academic theme "Re-generation of Power", which emphasizes the social mobilization and community building and other issues, indicating the exhibition venue located in Shanghai MOCA, former Nanshi Power Plant was the engine of city energy, characterized by power generation of physical energy, nowadays, it becomes the place of origin of city thought, the engine of cultural energy, a spiritual pulse to activate the internal energy of the Community; it reveals the core of cultural caring and life energy, further emphasizing the international topic for multi-cultural coexistence and common prosperity. This Biennale will consist of Theme Exhibition, Special Show, City Pavilion and "Yuan Ming Pavilion", etc. The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012 first launches the City Pavilion Initiative, and invites the cultural sectors and galleries from international important art cities to make self-planning and jointly interpret the open approach and indigenous connotation of modern art.


About Palermo City Pavilion:

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, Italy, is a port city located in northwest of Sicily. Palermo is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and also a province of the largest area in Italy. The architectural features of its historical sites are coexistence of Norman, Byzantium and Islam building styles, some buildings are even of strong Arabic color, such as cylinder and wall carving.

The adoption of City Pavilion is a major initiative of this Shanghai Biennale, and Palermo (Italy), as one of 20 cities worldwide selected to be a representative in the exhibition, will take "HAPPY" as the theme to reveal the modern Italian art culture in the City Pavilion, with an exhibition area of 300m2. Other city pavilions include Amsterdam, Auckland, Palermo, Berlin, Teheran, Vancouver, Zurich, Istanbul, etc.

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