Overseas Customers Gather at Dujiang Irrigation System

 "Good products do not necessarily bring success to a company. Instead, it is the ability to manage different channels and the experience and relationship therewith that will make a company stands out," say Steven Wheeler and Evan Hirsh, marketing scholars.


 With the rapid development of various science and technologies and enterprises' understanding and application of marketing mix 4P's or 7P's, It is more and more difficult for a modern enterprise to build up its supplementary ability to long-term competition advantages through products, prices, and promotions. Especially in market in China, where intellectual property protection is insufficient, it is unrealistic for most enterprises to keep a leading position in product technologies. Most products or design are easily imitated by the counterparts. Imitation can bring momentary success to an enterprise at most but will not be a permanent solution to its long-term success.

 International Department of Raidy Boer strives to serve as a platform for global resource sharing according to the strategy of the company. It is also dedicated to overseas business development and relationship maintenance.

 In this event, some overseas channels were invited and had a visit to Dujiang Weir. It is only when they understand the Chinese cultural heritages that they will understand Chinese enterprises, have a better understanding of Raidy Boer, and serve as real "channels" for Raidy Boer to go globalization.

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