Launch Ceremony of the “Transformation, Innovation and All-win” Strategies of Raidy Boer Enterprise

Launch Ceremony of the "Transformation, Innovation and All-win" Strategies of Raidy Boer
Enterprise and Launch Event of 2012 Fall and Winter New Arrivals was Held in Chengdu


     On February 27, 2012, the Launch Ceremony of the "Transformation, Innovation and All-win" Strategies of Raidy Boer Enterprise and the Launch Event of 2012 Fall and Winter New Arrivals was held in Chengdu Century City Convention Center. On the very day, present in the activity were Mr. Antonio Laspina, Chief Representative of Italian Trade Commission and General Coordinator in China, Mr. Wang Zhuo, Secretary General of China National Garment Association, Mr. Zou Guangyan, former Vice Governor of Sichuan and President of Sichuan Provincial Garments (Adomment) Trade Association, Miss Tian Rong, Secretary of CPC Wenjiang District Committee, and Mr. Xie Chao, Mayor of Wenjiang District in Chengdu. In the meanwhile, the Enterprise also invited its global strategic partners, its international work team, its agents at home and abroad, and the major media in Chengdu to gather in the activity to witness this milestone moment of Raidy Boer Enterprise's further progress toward internationalization.



       Raidy Boer Enterprise held this launch ceremony with a view to further expanding its opening to the outside world by integrating its own future development strategies, actively responding to the policies included in the National Twelfth Five-year Plan, intensifying innovation, promoting reform within the industry and implementing win-win opening strategies. As an operator of multiple fashion brands with international operation and global market, Raidy Boer Enterprise has established a multi-brand matrix centered on the three brands, including its proprietary brands of Raidy Boer and GHILARO as well as its represented Italian brand of ferrante — now for overseas market, the Enterprise has established huge terminal sales networks in over 30 countries and districts like Italy, Russia, Canada, India, South Africa, and Uruguay etc.; in the meantime, the Enterprise has set up over 600 special counters and franchised stores in the shopping malls in over 20 provinces and municipalities of Mainland China, including Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai etc., and in future, it will make great effort to develop emerging market in Asia represented by China. In the past, the core development issue for China industry has been concentrated on the upgrading from "made in China" to "created in China"; while in this launch ceremony, at a new height with the Twelfth Five-year Plan as the foothold, the Enterprise proposed the leap-forward progress toward internationalization from "created in China" to "operated in China"; "International Quality, Pilot Fashion" is the definite and clear vision of the Enterprise in the present stage, and on the basis of fully exploiting and upgrading the international advantageous resources, the Enterprise is trying to develop its team for international management so as to build its core competence by forging and operating an "international brand".



         It's reported that this activity was divided into two parts: the launch ceremony of the brand-new strategies of Raidy Boer Enterprise and the awarding ceremony. The awarding ceremony was interspersed with a fashion show for the fall and winter new arrivals of the three brands including Raidy Boer, GHILARO and ferrante of the Enterprise. In the launch ceremony, the brand-new logo design integrates the acronym of Raidy Boer Enterprise, the full English name, into a golden key in a perfect and harmonious way, displaying an unique international style; and "key" itself means "wisdom, fortune and hope", embodying the quality and vigor of the Enterprise, and meanwhile indicating leading the Enterprise to open the door for international fashion.



        In this activity, a grand awarding ceremony was held to show gratitude for the international strategic partners, and staff and customers at home and abroad who have made remarkable contributions to and given enormous support to the Enterprise for a long time. The form that the staff at home and abroad and the partners go on the stage together to accept the award not only coincides with the unchanging international style of the Enterprise, but also demonstrates the cultural idea of "seeking harmony and being inclusive" of the Enterprise. The ceremony set up about ten items of awards, including "best product planning", "best product displaying" and "best image designing". It is known that the designers and visual merchandisers winning awards have all served the first-tier international brands like Louis Vuitton, Armani and cerruti 1881 etc., showing profound capability of the Enterprise in the field of international resources. The last mysterious award of Golden Key Award was granted to Mr. Mauro Mazzocchi, the international partner who has generously shared the best resources and the same fate with the Enterprise, further reflecting the employment philosophy of "placing emphasis on talents and working together to make innovations" of the Enterprise.


       After the last round of awarding, Liu Changming, President of the Enterprise delivered a speech. He also went on the stage with the new management team of the Enterprise and raised the glass with all the guests present to express expectations for a bright and all-win future.

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