“Tripartite Confrontation” at the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC)

       When "internationalization" is discussed only as a "future development" topic for most enterprises or brands, Raidy Boer Enterprise has confidently established a strong image of "multi-brand operator with the internationalized operation in the global market". Raidy Boer Enterprise operates three internationalized brands, i.e., Raidy Boer, GHILARO and Ferrante, establishes Italian and Chinese R&D centers and is actively establishing the Japanese R&D base. Since 2006, Raidy Boer Enterprise has attended the top-class international garment fair-"PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" for consecutive 7 years, set up a worldwide sales network with the coverage of 30 countries and regions, had more than 600 special counters and franchised stores in Chinese Mainland and more than 1000 full-time dedicated employees in large-sized comprehensive science and technology park with modernized management. Various soft strength and hard strength shows that such an enterprise focusing on the "internationalized operation" and occupying a place in the international garment field depending on its data and facts would by no means miss the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC).

"Three brands" lead international style on CHIC

         In fact, brand showing of Raidy Boer Enterprise in CHIC could be traced back before 2012. Since 2005, Raidy Boer brands have made appearances at CHIC for consecutive 3 years; while GHILARO and Ferrante were displayed in the Italian pavilion in the international brand area of CHIC from 2009 to 2010 and obtained certain achievements. If the separate and low-profile exhibition of three brands on CHIC a few years ago was only a trial strategy of Raidy Boer Enterprise, the "tripartite confrontation" of Raidy Boer, GHILARO and Ferrante in the CHIC of this year would be a "powerfully aggressive strategy" adopted by the Enterprise after prudent operation.

         "International quality, pilot fashion" is always a lofty vision for the survival and development of Raidy Boer Enterprise. Both the Enterprise's international cooperative proprietary brands - Raidy Boer and GHILARO and the Italian agent brand - Ferrante are attributed to the Enterprise's three-dimensional integration of internationalized brand resources, design and R&D resources, operation & management resources and market supply chain resources. The product theme and pattern in each season is designed and researched by famous Italian and Japanese designers; display in the terminal stores is cooperatively carried out with senior image teams serving international first-class brands; the face fabrics and auxiliary materials are purchased from Italy famous for more than 100-year history of fashionable dress processing; and only the face fabrics of superior quality and the most fashionable ornaments are used; and garments are produced in the collinear production mode same with the international first-class brands. The concept of "internationalized operation" is penetrated into the entire enterprise, so as to create a genuine international quality in line with international style.

       For example, in this CHIC, the Enterprise sets up 600m2 layout, giving various imaginations to visitors. The design inspiration is from the column structure of Italian Roman Senate and the concept of Italian annular plaza with garden planning. The initial creative idea of this stand was put forward by an Italian team and will be materialized by a domestic first-class exhibition company. It is learned that the display factors and details on the "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" (Italy Florence Menswear Show) will be still used in the exhibition area for each brand to show pure and classic Italian style. At that time, the Enterprise will transfer Italian and Japanese teams to China and the whole team will continue the work mode of "international cooperation" used in "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" (Italy Florence Menswear Show) to comprehensively plan the most high-quality international resources in the Enterprise, prepare for CHIC in full power and gorgeously show unique international styles of three brands.

"Forethoughtfully" access to emerging markets in CHIC

        Previously, Bain Capital, a worldwide famous strategy consulting institute, issued Research Report on Chinese Luxury Goods Market in 2011, indicating that the increase rate of luxury consumption in Chinese mainland would reach up to 25%-30% and the market scale would break through RMB 100 billion yuan for the first time in 2011. China would exceed Japan and become the global No. 1 luxury trading and consumption country in the coming 2012. Although Raidy Boer Enterprise has successfully developed the "old" European market centering in Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland through years of prudent operation, most global investors and top 100 international enterprises prefer the gold-panning holyland of the inspired and vivid emerging markets, such as China, to increasingly weary weak consumption prospect of European market arising from the continuous influence of European subprime crisis. Various facts and signs show that it is a fatal stupidity and error for any enterprise or brand with adequate strength and international influence to miss or neglect the opportunity and share of Chinese market. With the development of Chinese garment industry over more than 20 years, China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC) has become a professional garment show with the largest scale and the strongest influence in Asian area. As a first-class internationalized trading and commerce platform for brand promotion, market development and fortune creation, CHIC has undoubtedly gathered the most advanced and popular fashionable creative inspirations, multi-field cooperative concepts and healthy living modes. Raidy Boer Enterprise, which has owned more than 500 terminal sales stores in Chinese mainland and will continuously realize its ambition in this capacious emerging market in the future, gets aboard on the excellent and firm large-scaled aircraft carrier - China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC). This obviously shows that Raidy Boer Enterprise finds "wind vane" and "weather glass" in Chinese garment market.

        Just three months ago, Raidy Boer Enterprise made inroads into Macao's market and entered into Mabo Fashion Mall next to Sands Macao Hotel with its two international brands, Raidy Boer and Ferrante, which fills up the blank sales area in the economically developed area of Asia. While reasonably utilizing its advantageous resources, Raidy Boer Enterprise further consolidates important strategic land in China, striding a firm step toward future comprehensive arrangement of Asian emerging market. And, it is only a good starting.

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