Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection


Bright Color Fashion Injects Vigor into New Future
—Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection


      In the middle of August 2013, the order fair of Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection is held at the headquarters of Chengdu Raidy Boer Enterprise. Themed by “Bright Color Fashion, New Future”, this fair is not only a perfect interpretation of the latest fashion trend in 2014 spring/summer, but also the best demonstration of the Enterprise to perform social obligations and pass on positive energy. Representatives of distributors from over 20 provinces and municipalities like Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai gather at the headquarters of Raidy Boer Enterprise to pursue the first sight of fashion charm in 2014 spring/summer conveyed by the three flagship brands of Raidy Boer Enterprise—Raidy Boer, GHILARO and the agent Italian brand ferrante.


Order Fair of Raidy Boer Enterprise 2014 Spring/Summer Collection themed as ‘Bright Color Fashion, New Future’


      The vitality of spring is arousing and the vigor of summer is exciting. Tangerine, brilliant yellow, brilliant green, sea blue and crystal white etc. are all colors of spring and summer, which constitute the popular colors of Raidy Boer Enterprise 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. Raidy Boer Enterprise integrates the vigorous and enthusiastic “bright colors” into the design of 2014 Spring/Summer Collection, displaying the popular color trend in 2014 spring/summer to the fullest. Moreover, the vitality, vigor and enthusiasm conveyed by the “bright colors” can inspire people, bringing us a stream of exciting positive energy under the macroeconomic environment of global slowdown.

      When you walk into the exhibition hall of Raidy Boer Enterprise during the launch of the new products, you will feel like that you are emerged in the profound Italian customs. As it has always been, the display at the site may enable you to enjoy the endless glamour of world culture, just like you are at its native place. This has been the consistent design traditions of Raidy Boer Enterprise, namely to seize the inspiration from the features and the cultural connotations of classical cities in the world, so that these new products not only stand out as ones with first-class international quality in design, tailoring and material, but also let people feel the collision and integration of classics and fashion from the design of the fashion. It is worth mentioning that apart from 2014 Spring/Summer Collection, the exhibition hall also displays many sewing kits and weaving tools from different parts of the world, including Italy, Germany and Poland. Many of these tools are produced from the famous tailoring brands in the 19th and 20th centuries. All these collections are displayed in the exhibition center for fashionable and cultural collections of Raidy Boer Enterprise which will open to public in the near future.


Exhibition Center for Fashionable and Cultural Collections of Raidy Boer Enterprise


      Raidy Boer Brand has always been inspired by the urban culture and style of Italy, and its 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will present the classic architectural art of Palermo and the beautiful scenery spotted out by the sailing ships and yachts on the Lake Como. Among them, the design of the smart casual series is inspired by Palermo, capital of Sicily, Italy, which is also a tribute work for the Shanghai Biennial 2012. In Shanghai Biennial 2012, Raidy Boer Enterprise and Palermo join hands to demonstrate modern Italian arts and culture in the urban pavilion of Palermo, in which the city glamour brought by arts is embodied, and the smart casual series of Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection returns the glamour of Palermo into the fashion design. The unique attraction of the classic architectures of Palermo is integrated into the smart casuals. Their elegant shape and bright color endow the casual life with a sense of noble luxury. Whether in a formal social dinner or a fashion party held by a friend, the ones who wear smart casuals will be sure to attract the attention of the fashion insiders at the site.


Smart Casual Series of Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection of Raidy Boer Enterprise—Integrating the City Glamour into Fashion Design


      The design style of the fashionable platinum series is no doubt an evolution and interpretation of classical Italian cities. Different from that of the smart casual series, the design of the fashionable platinum series is inspired by Como, a city at the southern foot of the Alps in the north of Italy, representing a sport style brought in by the sailing ships and yachts on the Lake Como. Sailing ship is becoming increasingly regarded as a kind of life attitude with the spirits of adventure and pursuit, while yacht is widely regarded as a symbol of luxury, both of which are dressing connotations supposed to be conveyed by the fashionable platinum series for Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection.


Fashionable Platinum Series for Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection of Raidy Boer Enterprise—Sport Style Created by Sailing Ships and Yachts


GHILARO: Becoming the Style Rider

      GHILARO 2014 Spring/Summer Collection is originated from the traditional open-road endurance race of Italy—“Mille Miglia” (one thousand miles). This is a car race with strong romantic and legendary flavors in the world, which is a carnival in memory of history and speed, and yet a meeting with the elegant classics. In this race, speed is not what only matters, and it also combines interest and endurance. You can enjoy the fun for travelling in the countryside, monticules and hills covered with trees in Italy. Neon yellow, Pope-style orange, Klein blue and Hulun Buir green you happen to encounter in the travel become the major colors of CHILARO 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. They put an eye on the driving life of Italian gentlemen who try to look for fun in seeking for individuality by driving, thus becoming the rider of the unique Italian travelling style.


GHILARO 2014 Spring/Summer Collection of Raidy Boer Enterprise—Rider of Unique ITALIAN Travelling Style


ferrante: Brightness Produced from Combination of Materials and Colors
      Ferrante 2014 Spring/Summer Collection integrates the element of coccinella. In the Italian language, coccinella means fortunate (fortunate). The coccinella of all kinds will become the second DNA of ferrante, blending into various designs as the identifier of the “colorful” concept of ferrante so as to facilitate the customers to deepen the brand awareness of “men’s colorful world” of ferrante.
      Ferrante 2014 Spring/Summer Collection includes ferrant D’avalos (noble series), ferrante CITTA (urban series), and ferrante CLUB (club series). They are all made of top grade fabrics. This is the most proud and incomparable feature of ferrante brand, while the bold and proper use of colors pushes the fashion of ferrante brand to an extreme extent.


Ferrante 2014 Spring/Summer Collection of Raidy Boer Enterprise—Integrating the Element of Coccinella

      The ferrant D’avalos can satisfy the gentlemen who often meet celebrities and have luxurious demand over life quality. Imported from Italy and Portugal etc., the fabrics are made of top grade materials like wool, cashmere, silk, flax and cotton, soft and shining with elegant light color, gifting you with a sense of noble quality. The major fabrics of ferrante CITTA are natural fabrics like signature cotton with bright colors of low saturation, in which watermelon red, apple green, rice white, sky blue and sapphire blue are all typical colors of ferrante, mixing fashion, vigor and nature as one. In the ferrante CITTA series, the horseball series and the yacht series will remain as the major products. The crazy colors of Rosso Alicante, tangerine and brilliant green will mix with the casual colors of shallow flower gray, tannin and ivory white, making the entire horseball series vital with a sense of potency. However, the beautiful colors of coral, lemon yellow, sky blue, sea blue and crystal white fully embody the yacht complex of gentlemen and nobles.
      The passion and zeal of summer is exciting and making people want to do something great. Undoubtedly, Raidy Boer Enterprise performs a most wonderful act in this summer. At the beginning of June, Raidy Boer Enterprise is selected as the official uniform sponsor for volunteers of Global Fortune Forum 2013. Via this opportunity, it demonstrates its international fashion glamour to the elites in the global commercial circle. In the last ten days of June, Raidy Boer Enterprise again sets foot in the top international fashion show as the only Chinese fashion representative, yielding unusual achievements in the Florence Menswear Show (PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO). If June is a rush toward progress for Raidy Boer Enterprise, then August is a perfect moment for victory. We believe that Raidy Boer 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will become a focus in the fashion circle of a new year because of its enthusiasm and energy, and they are doomed to become elite gentlemen’s best choice for confidence and fashion.


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