Raidy Boer Autumn & Winter Garment Fair (2013)— a fantastic show of modern fashion

       If music is the most limitless common language in the world, fashion may be called the second common language. It is high time to concentratedly show the world fashion in January of each year. At this time, each fashion brand compete to show its style (luxury or simplicity) on the autumn & winter products this year. Fashion is worldwide. Raidy Boer, as an international fashion brand enterprise with multiple brands, expresses its specific opinion on fashionable men's garment on each season. At the beginning of 2013, Raidy Boer Company held the Raidy Boer Autumn & Winter Garment Fair (2013) with the theme of "fashion in line with the world" at the headquarter of Chengdu Raidy Boer Enterprise. At this meeting, Raidy Boer was still chased after by agents in every quarter and three brands (Raidy Boer, GHILARO and Ferrante) expressed the decision on the coexistence with world fashion.

 Raidy Boer Autumn & Winter Garment Fair (2013) was held at the headquarter of Chengdu Raidy Boer Enterprise.

       At the beginning of this year, it was obvious to see that Headquarters of Raidy Boer Enterprise was not influenced by the ultracold weather this year. The theme of "fashion in line with the world" of Autumn & Winter Garment Fair (2013) was jointly presented by three brands. After entering the hall in Floor 1, you may be surrounded by a strong world fashion atmosphere in detailed arrangement in this hall. Here, elegant commercial collocation is embraced by strong Italian urban decoration. You may feel that you are walking on an Italian street even from a column. Moreover, autumn & winter collocations of each brand are shown by models walking on Italian street, which makes us fascinated.

 World-class men's wear is one of the highlights of the garment fair themed "Fashion of the Modern World"

Raidy Boer keeps Italy urban customs.
       Raidy Boer, which always takes inspiration from different cities of Italy, guides people experience the customs of Neples and Torino. Raidy Boer continues to focus on the advanced customized garments. As for commercial black diamond serial garments, the elegant gentlemen's garment is deemed as dominant garment and the inspiration is taken from the living state and dressing style of people of Neples City in 1980s. As for such garments, the elegant profile is outlined with amaranth interlayered with some grey and dedicate textured pattern is made on these garments. Therefore, the people wearing this series of garments can adequately show their elegance. As for fashionable platinum serial garments, the romanticism is emphasized and the inspiration is taken from the scenery of Torino in the early autumn. The historical buildings on both sides of Valentine's Day Park are used to show romantic atmosphere. Special colors in autumn, such as camel, tobacco, cornfield, earth tones are used in large area and special knitting method is used as an auxiliary method to show the unique style of this city.

Raidy BoerAutumn & Winter Garment Fair (2013) draws inspiration from the elegance of Italian cities .

Travel with fashion of GHILARO
      The satisfaction in the travel can be adequately experienced from GHILARO. Autumn & winter products (2013) take "travel with fashion" as a theme. Several vivid fashion colors are particularly selected to make autumn and winter vivid: fresh and natural forest green lets you imagine the resuscitation of everything in the tropical rain forest; undertone, simple and elegant log color lets you feel the peace enjoyed when we stay in a log cabin; vivid and bright crystal blue lets you feel the freedom surrounded by seawater; amazing and tender Xiangfei face powder lets you experience the satisfaction enjoyed when you eat food during the travel. In addition to bold color design, another unique characteristic of these products is the splicing process and selection of plus materials, which are intended to create the sense of rich and varied comfortable travel.

The theme of "travel with fashion" of GHILARO features more than you can imagine.

Re-upgrading for aristocratic quality of Ferrante
      In correspondence with the 2013 Spring & Summer new products, the city, yacht club (navigation club), horseball (British village) series are still the main line of Ferrante Autumn & Winter products. The simple adornments set off the aristocratic quality of Ferrante to a more solemn extent. All details embody the dignity of Italian Naples Castle, the relaxing and leisure of yacht club, and the beautiful and pleasant feeling of village aristocratic living. 2013 Autumn & Winter products reveal the extraordinary fashionable aristocratic quality with the bold splicing and contrast color for checks and the creative application of auxiliary materials and win the unanimous acceptance of agents with the extremely high matching degree.

A new look of aristocratic elegance at 2013 Ferrante Autumn & Winter Fashion Show

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